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We know your home is important to you.  That’s why honesty is the most important thing to us. We take pride in doing the best job while making the most of your investment with your satisfaction in mind.

At Mexia Foundation Repair, we have over 35 years of foundation repair expertise. Our foundation specialists work to restore structural stability for houses and buildings. We believe in remaining as efficient and effective as possible, earning a reputation for our on-time results and customer satisfaction.

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The soil is naturally shifting throughout the year as a result of the seasons. These changes cause the soil below your house to expand and contract throughout the year. In certain cases, this will result in foundation problems. Once these problems take place, they usually only get worse as the soil continues to shift.

Concrete Pier System

One of the fastest ways to correct your foundation is through the support of concrete piers.

We provide your foundation with additional support using concrete piers. These piers are often a quick and inexpensive alternative to other methods of foundation repair.

Steel Pier System

One of the best ways to protect your investment is to repair your foundation using the support of steel piers.

Our steel pier method is a technique in which rods are hydraulically driven deep into the ground until they anchor your foundation in strong, solid bedrock or a load bearing strata. By attaching the foundation to bedrock, your office, home, or building is no longer subject to shifting soil. Steel piers are designed to withstand the pressure of the soil around it. The piers are also resistant to corrosion from water and various chemicals.

Pier & Beam System

A Pier & Beam System is traditionally used when a property, has a crawl space regardless if house or a commercial property. Properties like these present unique structural issues, requiring a detailed and skilled evaluator along with a professionally driven installation crew to resolve leveling issues. 

Unlike your traditional concrete slab, the pier and beam system is made of wood. Thus when a wood component rots you must replace this component or risk having everything collapse around you. 

It is worth mentioning that we used 8x8x16 inch blocks and 24×24 inch foundation footings.

With Mexía Foundation Repair your heritage is safe.  
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